Misplaced hooves

I haven’t posted any photos of buster recently so here you go:


Note how shiny his coat is. Such a cutie.

I just got back from a ride and still stink of horses and so, am blissfully happy. We had a nice hack though I was told yesterday that my man was super lazy and tripping up a lot :/

We checked him over before we set off…no back pain, leg pain, hoof tenderness or general malaise. I had him trotted up and diagnosed some slight non concerning dishing of one rear leg but no sign of lameness.
All good then, I figured. We set out, slopping our way through the muddy paths, keeping in walk or trot…we took a naughty route that is probably a footpath and not a bridleway but the ground looked so nice that we snuck through for a cheeky canter. Buster was really up for it, bounding forward with grace. Then on the way back at a trot he managed an almighty trip on his front legs where I really thought we were going down. Luckily he found his footing before his knees struck the ground but not many paces later at a walk we had the same phenomenon. It turns out he had his pedicure and new shoes on Friday and it would appear that he hasn’t “worn them in” yet….hmm, I hope the trim wasn’t too short because I don’t buy any other theories about tiredness…laziness maybe, but that didn’t feel like a tired horse to me.

I’ve been blissfully free from the fear of a tripping horse for the last year, but now…

Bottom line is that Buster is awesome, handsome, shiny, cute and I forgive him for forgetting where his feet were and trying to faceplant in the mud.

“I am surrendering to gravity and the unknown”


3 thoughts on “Misplaced hooves

  1. Glad you got some riding in! That’s a Tool lyric, right?

  2. Oh no wait, Perfect Circle?

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