Fate doesn’t want me to get out of bed at 6am

Today, I made several grave weather-related errors:

When I read the weather forecast and it didn’t agree with what I saw, I should have put more faith in my eyes than the virtual weatherman.

When I suspected foul weather I should have donned my waterproof trousers and considered something other than a long jumper that hangs out beneath my jacket.

When the gloomy sky made itself known, I should have tied my hair up and not bothered applying makeup.

When my glasses steamed up, I should have taken them off straight away rather than cycling through a hazy woozy house of mirrors for 10 mins.

This is the second day in a row of getting up at 6 and cycling to work for 8:30. On both occasions I was miserably and comprehensively soaked, and had to forego my glasses because even my own blurry sight is better than the steamy distorted alternative. Clearly the universe is telling me that I must not go to work at such an hour, and I think I will heed that warning, lest I get struck down by lightening tomorrow.

Why Universe!? why must I be shat on for making an effort for once in my damned life?

P.s.When I was offered a morning coffee I should have jolly well drunk it.

“She said: I hate the rain
But here it comes again”


One thought on “Fate doesn’t want me to get out of bed at 6am

  1. Never turn down a free coffee in the morning. Also, never get up in time to be offered a free morning coffee. Yeah that’s why I don’t make an effort, or do my best to avoid it anyway, because the universe always pushes back. I think it was one of you Brits who said that an object at rest will remain at rest. The universe ain’t a fan of change.

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