In which I get elbowed in the face and yet have no bruise to prove it

As the title suggests I was victim to an elbow-face collision last night that required some 30 mins of frozen pea attendance.

You can guess whose elbow was involved.

Ok, you say, that’s domestic abuse, kick his ass out…well…it was somewhat of an accident…

Oh right, one of those things eh? Hang on…you said “somewhat“, like there’s more to this…

Hmm. Ok so apparently some people have weird hypersensitivity in various body parts that instigates an involuntary flinching motion, usually involving the arms.

You can see what happened then. I hit the  trigger zone by mistake.

Only in this case the zone is quite large…and when rolling over in bed a hand could easily and mistakenly glance close to the neighbouring hostile zone known as the botty.

I swear I barely even made contact, and certainly not on purpose..I’ve spent years dodging those reflex motions but this one caught me unawares and right on the cheekbone.

I had to ice it for ages.

This morning there wasn’t so much as a mark on me, but an alleged bruise on SO’s elbow. Well boo-hoo.

According to the Internet, this kind of thing is called tactile defensiveness. Trust Google to find a diagnosis for this bizarre behaviour…

“Still stuck inside excuses and I can’t get out”


One thought on “In which I get elbowed in the face and yet have no bruise to prove it

  1. Ha I’m going to use that tactile defensiveness the next time someone gets too close to me in a crowded elevator.

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