Scraps of subconscious meanderings


I’m going to try to remember and document some of the discussions I have with myself. Things that I ruminate on for some 30 mins during my cycle to work, that just evaporate into the ether when a alight.
I reckon there are some eureka moments on those journeys but just too forgetful to realise. Let’s see how that goes…

An eventful dream
Last night I dreampt about guineapigs that ate baby rabbits. It was terrible, there was blood everywhere and the little guineas didn’t understand why I didn’t want to give them a cuddle.  I had to stay in the house with them and this creepy socially awkward middle aged man who wouldn’t leave me alone to sleep. I managed to get out of that place and moved to a house in Birmingham….now…I’m not sure whose house this one was but it comes up in my dreams a fair bit, only this time it had no toilet (brain realised what fingers wrote on blog and played a trick. I recognised a guy who lived there from years ago but I don’t know who he is. The house is on a hill, on the right hand side going up. It has a wooden front porch with yellowed white paint. As you enter the house there are coat racks to the left, followed by a living room…on the right are the stairs and straight on is the kitchen. I checked the post for an address but my brain got in the way and it said sesame street. But of course. At least I didn’t see big bird.

One day I’ll figure it out.

I’m not sure why I love to quote lyrics from songs. Presumably I want to share a feeling of have about some music or those words but you’d be surprised how many people just brush it off as crazy or derivative behaviour (depending on their outlook). I’m not egotistical enough to quote my own poetry, nor do I want to share those feelings, but if you quote a song. I think people immediately peg you as largely artless. It’s rare for someone to tell me that after they read a quote I wrote, say on Facebook, that they actually listened to the song to which I alluded. People don’t have time to join the dots for themselves these days. Regardless I think I like the idea of ending my posts with a lyric.

“I don’t look too good for someone who’s been telling the truth”


2 thoughts on “Scraps of subconscious meanderings

  1. What song is that? Sometimes I type an entire song when I start writing. I don’t know why I feel like doing it. Sometimes I just can’t get them out of my head or think of anything more perfect to say. I would probably quote my own poetry if anyone else would recognize it. I like that dream and especially the mailing address.

  2. Good question (as google cannot help you) the song is “What did we give away” by Scrawl.

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