I am what I am not

My cycling thoughts are woefully uninspiring, and actually more reminiscent.

I thought about that house, tried to identify it…then thought about roman way and those liabilities of housemates I had (well one was definately a loose Cannon) who broke the sofa and was responsible for our front door getting egged. Then I thought about that time that he accompanied me to the pub to meet some guys (housemates thought I needed a chaperone). They needn’t have worried, we ended up back at some dude’s house passing around their bong and that liability I’d brought with me decided to try smoking weed for the first time, feeling the need to show off, smoked too much, pulled a whitey and had to go and lay down in some random guys bed. By this point of course this was unbearably amusing to me. The downside was that I had to wait for him to come down a bit before I could walk HIM home. That’s what you get from a philosophy student.
Neither of those houses were the one I dream of.
I took a mental journey through the protocol I needed to demonstrate today (Yawns)
I wonder if I stop reading stupid lists of buzzfeed nonsenses and stop writing here in the morning, whether I could save more than an hour in the morning before work. Maybe I’ll try tomorrow. Yep I’ll definately do that Tomorrow And be in work by 8:30…

The return journey was in the dark
I thought about how I really aught to have charged up my front bike light as it was screaming its depleted condition at me with a red warning. I wondered why it was so difficult to remember to plug it in…when I take it off of a morning I have about a 1-2 min walk to my desk, where a charger is waiting, but  by the time I get there I’ve forgotten all about lights and chargers.
I thought about how much easier it is to see and be seen through fog if lights are charged.
I wondered why I’ve been so chirpy these last few days. I’ve been smiling and generally good humoured, relatively energetic and Um, not depressed. I can either attribute this to a batch of prozac contaminated with MDMA, or due to the vitamins I’ve been taking. I vaguely remember having this breakthrough before, I felt amazing because  I’m usually iron or b12 deficient or something…if I miss a day I’m fine but miss a week and I start to gradually weaken and get sulky, fatigued and morose.

“Before I go tell me
Were you ever who you claimed yourself to be?”


3 thoughts on “I am what I am not

  1. Ha! A batch of prozac contaminated with MDMA. Nice. I didn’t know you read buzzfeed. That shit is toxic. If I see the homepage I black out and don’t come up for air until someone smacks me.

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