I don’t wanna talk to you anymore – I’m afraid of what I might say….

Ok so I stole the title from Incubus – well -some days you just feel like that don’t you. I’m not sure if I mean you feel like quoting, like Incubus, or like telling someone you don’t want to talk to them..Probably not the latter, I’m actually feeling unseasonably chatty.

I think there might be something wrong with people who would, out of CHOICE, use the central toilet cubicle in a row of three (where the outer ones are against actual walls). I mean, don’t they realize the very real possibility that the central dividers could fall down? Not to mention the fact that you might be flanked on BOTH sides by other people doing their business? Well, I for one will not get caught out by this and I stick to my very reasonable rule to only use the outer cubicles (except on an emergency basis – because peeing yourself in public is probably far worse than being sat in between two groaning poopers and praying that the walls stay up….

I never realised before toady that if you use two sprays at once in the tissue culture you can feel like a total bad-ass – y’know two guns firing at once..haha!! Take that bacterial scum!!! you should try it some time – it sure beats just patiently going about your cleaning duties in a normal way.

Who breaks a sofa at a wake anyway huh?

Tonight shall I journey with the young frankenstein, who has just left for university, or shall I venture into the goings on in that weird street where people are losing their minds and killing each other…

Speaking of which. I read a novel the other week that really struck me as great writing. It’s called “Days of madness” by a little-known writer called James Josiah.


I have to admit that I downloaded this to my kindle because it was free, but having read it,I will happily pay for any future work he creates. This diarised account of a depressed man struggling with reality, medication and all of life’s usual woes made me laugh, concerned me, and yet somehow made perfect sense to someone who has been diving in the pool of depression and medication for many a year. I was irritated when the book ended because I think I got addicted to the writing style, and yet plunged headfirst into Robert Stevenson’s considerably more starched text describing Dr jekyll and Mr Hyde.

I guess I’ve been reading more than writing. Sometimes you have to absorb and ruminate or you’ll run out of new things to say.

I could just tell you useless daily statistics, like how many times I’ve washed my hands each day but really, as long as the total is greater than the sum of toilet trips and meals then no-one cares. I think I’d rather read that tally up my life thanks


“High fives to better judgment…..Low twos to you my fickle friend…”


2 thoughts on “I don’t wanna talk to you anymore – I’m afraid of what I might say….

  1. I will have to check that book out. I thought you might be on something at the beginning of this post. Did you break a sofa at a wake? Can you tell me about it? I know probably too emotional bc I know wakes are usually that way. Anyways…hope Jekyll and Hyde is good.

  2. No new drugs for me, I just let the random thoughts out for a run.

    Yeah, at my Gran’s wake, myself brother and boyfriend managed to stay break a sofa…the leg fell offand iwe fell backwards. we were possibly the only three sober people in the room. Everyone else just looked the other way and pretended they hadn’t heard a loud bang.

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