Fog and clouds can’t make me feel grey


The fog was thick and gloom, dense this morning. The horses were surprisingly keen to go out for a ride. I added hi-vis yellow and reflective monstrosities to Buster’s reins and tail so that people could see him in the fog. He wasn’t too happy about the tail one, maybe I affixed it wrongly. We went out for an incredible ride, some 2.5 hours of trekking, we even scrambled across a very small ditch ( I was the only one scared of this prospect). At only one point did my steed decide he might think about planting and spinning for home but a quick tap on his bottom made him focus again. I don’t think i told you about last weekend….he stopped and refused to carry on even though his friend was trotting off without him…he neighed his head off, still turning for home but no wanting to br separated from Mel. Just as Mel was fading into the distance, we finally made some forward progress. What a little tyke. Anyway, I digress. So we also found a new secret track that is great for a canter :). The rain held off until we got back. Naturally as soon as they were turned out they went for a roll in the muddiest patch they could find! Still its great to see the pair of them so happy and lively.

I’ve done something unusual for me. I’ve started reading two books at once. So I’m stuck somewhere between Shelley and Herbert, and slightly befuddled about what is going on. I have to skip back a page or two to check that I remember the story so far…


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