Why I love academia


I love working in academia because…

I can wear red 70s flares and an old Arab strap tshirt to work and no-one bats an eyelid

Going and having a chat with someone about ideas is part of the job

Reading the latest research is part of the job

I can arrive, take breaks, and leave whenever I want

I can take holiday pretty much whenever I like

I get to publish my work

Every day is different

I get to help and educate students

I can follow my own ideas (even though they often turn out to be dud ones)

The people I work with are passionate about research

I get to travel abroad for conferences and meet eminent scientists

I can sing along to my iTunes while I process data and nobody minds

I know some people would hate my job due to wages, lack of structure, longterm responsibilities, need for self motivation and the well known phenomenon of depression when a lot of work lands you in a dead end. I think those people are crazy. As a researcher you take the highs with the lows and you try to be pragmatic. Some days I want to scream but I really love my job.


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