So I got those nose hoops and here is one in situ.


Of course SO says this dainty streak of silver looks silly in my gargantuan hooter but I think it looks pretty. So there.
Two more days of relax time and nary a valium has passed my lips. Not because I don’t have any or haven’t been advised to take some, but because my significant other disapproves. If I can’t sleep tonight though…
I received a parcel of hitherto unknown hosiery items. 4 different varieties of shoe liners or so-called ‘footsies’. Very odd beasts indeed, sort of like a minimalist sock that you wear when society requires you to don footwear that is neither trainer nor boot, and you are as blessed as I am with sweaty feet, you’ll be glad of something to mop up the excess. They even make them impregnated with silver to be antibacterial. Well I never. I should probably wear those ones on days when I’m doing yoga. Poor woman next to me last week got my toes wafting near her grimacing face and probably got a good whiff of any underarm odour I may have accrued! Yoga is fun though. I felt so bad about the fact I’d clearly cheese-footed her that I had to make conversation so she didn’t just remember me as stinkfoot…turns out that this lady hasn’t met many people in this place and loves horses. So we are totally like (good lord! Surely there must be a less asanine way of saying that..) immediate friends, exchanged names and I even remembered it after the fact. Huzzah. Although I don’t quite know what such a gorgeous serene and flexible Czech lady though of the giggling redhead sweatpile that couldn’t touch her toes next to her!

It has occurred to me that what I am doing to try and relax myself, are largely things that I have been putting off for a long time. Those nigglers that kept getting away but always taunted me. As a result I now have an (almost) sparkling bike with new pannier rack and handlebar grips, but a parking space covered in grease and mud (oops). Tomorrow I intend to actually be a bit more functional. Bake some bread, dye my hair, go for a bike ride, that sort of thing. I think I’m done with sitting on my arse for now. Gosh! by next Monday I’ll be so excited to be going to work to have something to DO!!

Yoga and ugly body parts (I’m looking at you noses and feet)


One thought on “Yoga and ugly body parts (I’m looking at you noses and feet)

  1. Ha i never seen the word nigglers before! WTF! Hoo. But anyway, glad you are relaxing.

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