The past is just a pebble in my shoe

I am taking a week of time out from, well pretty much everything that I can escape. When you body starts giving you chronic tension headaches you kind of have to listen up and say, well ok body, lets see if you and I can do some chilling out so we both feel better huh?

Day 1 and I’ve probably achieved what anyone else would consider nothing.

I’ve taken a candlelight bath, put on clothes I felt like wearing, added dark lipstick but no other makeup (Ha!), and generally danced around the flat singing along to music that I love. played a bit on the ps3 and ordered some body jewellery (that damned nose hoop just WONT go in anymore and I feel like wearing a hoop for a change. I must remember to eat as during the couple of month hiatus of weighing due to battery failure I seem to have lost weight and that’s just not acceptable so as soon as i suspect i might be getting hungry, then its clearly snack-o-clock.

It’s kind of impressive that despite apparently having my debit cards stolen (this has to be the current hypothesis until they turn up) not seeing the horses for two weeks and the rather sudden deterioration of a dear relative – I am currently quite content and dare I say it – happy?! I woke up at 8:45 with absolutely no desire or need to sleep any further – ordinarily I want to sleep all day but I think I was just excited about being home alone and totally free.

Somehow the flat is considerably cleaner and tidier than when I woke but I don’t feel like I’ve been making myself do chores.

next i plan to play a bit more ps3, have a coffee and then meditate for a bit to get inspiration for some sketching or watercolour, or writing if I feel so inspired.

The sun is pouring in the window casting shadows of roses and folds – imprinting flowers where there are none. Maybe one day I’ll get some real flowers to put in that woefully empty vase.

ever wondered what I look like when I’m totally chilled and being silly?

exhibit A

cant see it? that’s cos I don’t know you in 3D mmmmk?


One thought on “The past is just a pebble in my shoe

  1. Sounds like an awesome day! Enjoy it, you deserve it.

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