Oddments: Lunar views, yogic optical illusions and the elusive sellotape

The moon is big and pink. Pink? Yes, actually it is! Apparently (and I didn’t know this at thetime) it was a harvest super moon, or super harvest moon this week, depending on how you want to look at it. This means that the moon was much closer to earth than usual. I don’t know why why it was pink…probably pollution or something.

I would like very much to have words with whoever came up with the yoga mat design that are used pretty universally. I’m talking about those thin roll up plasticky sponge efforts with the lines along it. I don’t mind the lack of sponginess too much, and I can live with the plasticky feel, but those lines are just dreadful. It’s the same effect for me as when you have to walk down some static escalators on the underground, and all the lines make your vision weird when you finally look up again. Bleh. It’s fine while you relax with eyes closed but throw in a manoeuvre and my brain starts doodling lines all over the instructor etc.

Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why my neck skin is so ridiculously sensitive. Yet again I seem to have allowed some product intended for facial use to stray on to my neck, heedless of the incoming itchy rashiness of it all.

Sellotape in my house, is like an endangered species or a yeti or something. You swear you saw it in the corner of your eye but you search high and low and no sign of it can be found. Masking tape on the other hand, is always present, so presents wrapped using masking tape are de rigueur for me! Sorry folks!

I tried feta (plus lactase tablets) for the first time in over a year. Feta is delicious.full stop.

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One thought on “Oddments: Lunar views, yogic optical illusions and the elusive sellotape

  1. Yumb feta. Yuck yoga mats.

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