Frisbee inspired unsolicited galloping

Ah those pesky horses. We had a rather sedate ride today, with both horses telling us it was all a bit too much like hard work.. Until we met a family playing frisbee across our path. We stood and waited for them to eventually take the hint and stop. After passing the game resumed with frisbee scraping on the ground loudly behind the horses…this was disconcerting for them both so we went on to a strip of field that hadn’t been ploughed just to give us some space but both horses heard another scrape noise behind them and that was it. We were off. Mel started quite a few paces ahead of us but buster kicked himself up a gear to gallop and as we sailed passed Mel she took on the race at warp speed. Fun though it is to go fast, I prefer it when there is lots of space, abd the farmer isn’t in that very field at the time..
Sooo a few rounds of “woah!” and a few seconds of [oh shit the brakes don’t work] then we came back to a very bouncy canter and then finally trot as the naughty and excitable ponies gave in and let us turn them around to get out of the field (had blasted straight past the exit)…and buster was stood there just wound up like a very tight spring…poised for another round, but thankfully within a couple of mins was back to his normal level-headed self. And I was left with a mild case of jelly leg, as noticed during rising trot.

Ha maybe I’ll take him off the snaffle and on to the gag, but in his defense, he did respond before I had to take more serious action (like turning him into the ploughed land, or using an emergency stop rein technique.)


Horses eh, who’d have em?


One thought on “Frisbee inspired unsolicited galloping

  1. I have been on the other end of that conundrum. I was playing frisbee golf and these riders came through. We stopped playing but they were angry at us anyway. But it was a frisbee golf course in a state with no people in it, so I don’t know why they were there :P.

    I miss reading your blog, too. No other secret blogs right now, but if I do start one I’ll give you a secret signal. Hell maybe I’ll write a post. Fuck it.

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