Recognising the need for introspection and expression


Time to breathe now i hope.
Time to take a look at all those half-finished thoughts, those hanging lines, these unharmonious ravings. Time to look beyond the mundane and trivial, and scratch the grimey surface of all those festering words that have so failed to tumble their inelegant way onto my wordpress for months, instead stagnating in a corner of my mind, content to be left undisturbed, but mutating and growing stranger as the hours pass.

I will go there. I will scratch the surface. And I will tell you what I find.

Before I go, some words of advice. If you have a migraine in the morning, do not expose yourself to strobe lighting in the evening. It’s not fun. It’s really too much. Standing in a sweaty crowd scrunching your eyes up to avoid the pain, swigging water and trying to remember to breath is not ranking that highly in my favourite things to do in Cambridge


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