I have been known to pour juice on my cereal by mistake but today I caught myself pouring cereal into a mug. What???

I was annoyingly energetic and happy Saturday. I was intolerably moody on Sunday and it will not be put up with…apparently. I keep trying to explain that if a moody female partner is unacceptable, then just turn gay.

Sadly no horses this week. Got a text 10pm sat saying my friend was visiting her mother instead.

Last night I fell asleep at about 10:15. I was woken up at 11:15 to be told is left the front door open, we were going to get stabbed in the night, the insurance was invalidated and I leave the door open every two weeks and it’s seriously dangerous!!!!
Ok..I get it… Sorry, can I go back to sleep now?
Just as I’m dozing off again im asked with urgency where the antihistamines are…I can’t think as I am half asleep, but the stress and anger is rising so i haul myself out of bed and get him the tablets…cue more anger that I put them somewhere other than the overflowing medicine drawer.

I woke up this morning to burning eyes that can only mean someone used a spray deodorant that they know I’m allergic to, and left all the doors open.

So yeah, I was less than keen to surface to be greeted with anger, blame and itchier eyes so, I was not making an effort to get up until they left…..incidentally this is different to not getting up per se.

Grrrr. Hello Monday.

Hey Monday. Whatcha doin’?


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