What a lovely morning.
If a car gives my bike and I less than 10cm of room they are likely to get a kneejerk response. Today’s phrase was “fuckin’ell mate! D’ya wanna get any closer?” it made him look, and presumably check he hadn’t hit me.

The dentist insisted on using anaesthetic, and using one of those metal band jobbies around the offending tooth…only..my teeth are the tightest together she has ever seen. Now I’m no expert, but when the drill goes back in my mouth after failed band fitting, I have to worry for the remaining healthy tooth parts. Many mins and several horrid attempts to affix said band passed but it was finally placed.  now for the alkaline whatever it was, to protect the nerve (you drilled up to my nerve???) and many amalgam shots later, the delightful band was removed. Aah all over…
Not so.
At this point she decides she needs to be able to floss between the newly filled and neighbouring teeth…but…the floss won’t go…so she leans on my teeth, traps my upper lip, stretches my mouth and generally causes distress and discomfort until the floss snaps in my face (still having not gone through the gap). Now I was treated to something new..a bit of wooden wedge was shoved between the teeth to force a gap so that she could floss it.

Finally I’m told I’m free to leave, feeling lightheaded, bruised and traumatised. I so miss my old dentist ( I walked past her office and saw her at work from the corridor to this room…why did she have to change to private only? Virginia, I miss you!! This is the first filling I’ve has (and I’ve had lots) that is coldsensitive..
Before filling it wasn’t in any way troublesome, just a bit of an iffy colour.

Once that was all over, I was notified of a sinister smell coming from a bin downstairs at work . I was the only person KNOWN to have thrown things in there so I had to deal with it…it was an unprecedented stench, which turns out most likely stemmed from a chopped up two week old rotten cow heart (not deposited by me, but that I was under the impression had been sent for incineration). Now i know what dead things smell like, and to be honest, I wish I didn’t…

A renewed fear of the dentist, and other horrible things that happened to me today


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