Glove faces and actually, finally wallowing in a bath of wellbeing

I got caught smiling to myself today.
I Made an acquaintance waiting for the lift, Exchanged a few words about being too lazy to walk up 6 floors but needing caffeine…I then got a hand shake, aname beginning with r and was told he’s seen me around a lot…yeah I’m like part of the furniture I’ve been here so long, plus Im pretty promiscuous with the rooms I work in. I can’t say I remember ever seeing this guy before, and now I’m either going to say hi to a random someone else instead, or ignore him by mistake….darn you shoddy memory for faces and names!!!


This guy was waiting for me on my bench this morning. We’ve a creative bunch in our lab!!

It has been a hectic week. The blood test said I’m fit as a fiddle ( have to agree now taking vitamins I feel pretty formidable for the first time in my memory). I have energy!!! I can think, multitask and I can smile….I don’t feel depressed or anxious and my weird neck muscular tension is gradually subsiding.
It turns out that you can’t get vitamin b12 from plants…so…being pretty much vegan (aside from cheese and chocolate) I was basically getting no b12 in my diet. I have been eating ‘healthy, natural’ breakfast things like museli, so haven’t even had fortified products!!! You know how I rave about nimm2 sweets and feel much better when I eat them? Yeah they have b12 in them….
Why, oh why didn’t any of the many dieticians that I have seen suggest I take a supplement or have a test done???

Well now I feel much better informed!!

Dentist says that the one molar that doesn’t have a filling is feeling bullied by the others and has given in to peer pressure to have a filling done….boo


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