If you don’t treat me better, baby I’ll just run away

Title shamelessly stolen from an ancient tori amos song.

Cool on your island is probably the only song from y cant tori read that I would voulenteerily listen to again. Although the original is drenched to glory in 80s synth and tragic production, there is something quite haunting about the later piano based live versions that tori has performed.

The song tells of a woman trapped in an unsatisfactory relationship with a man who doesn’t communicate well, or appreciate her and manipulates.

She sings..

If you don’t treat me better,
Baby I’ll just run away
I don’t know what drives you
To play these silly games
Come on baby,
I’m much stronger than you know
Some times
I’m not afraid to let it show
When will you wake up
I want you more than the stars in the sky
But I can take
Only so much
Cool on your island.
Is it, cool on your island?

Ironically the horses reminded me of this one!! Went to catch them from the field, waited for buster to concede my dominance and walk towards me, which he did…then just as I was going to slip on the head collar the little bugger galloped off bucking and chasing Melly!!

He might as well have been hollering this song at the top of his equine lungs, except the final part would say

When will you wake up
I want food more than the stars and the sun
And I will take
Only so much
Grooming and riding
Are you planning on riding?

Had to enlist some carrots to wrangle the beasties back to civility!

I think. I had some suboptimal blood levels of something. Once the pallid complexion, pale lips, dizziness And extreme fatigue hit I figured I aught to try and fix myself
Did I a) go to a doctor for blood tests?
B) allow SO to convince me nothing was wrong
C) selfmedicate with iron containing vitamin tonic designed largely for vegetarians and women who have low energy?

Well I did b) for a while, c) from Saturday onwards and may do a) tomorrow when I go and ask what the heck is wrong with my throat/mouth/gum/neck/ whatever it is that’s sore and swollen but I cannot prod from in or outside. 😦 probably some rogue lymph node again or some weird muscular issue but it’s been three weeks and it’s annoying me.

Oh as I was saying. I feel a ton better having had only half the proper dose of this feroglobin jobbie so no doubt I was iron, folate or b12 deficient. I still keep thinking my last bloods came back fine but that was…erm…years ago I think…times change, and so do pills and their anemia inducing side effects.


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