In which I meet some frogs, but neglect to kiss one. And other snippets

Ah back to work tomorrow!
Back to that sodding manuscript!
This week I WILL make some progress!
Time to coax my cells to work for me…somehow (mine as on belong to me, not of my body). I’m looking forward to a week where nothing catastrophic happens…or at the very least I don’t have to report any incidents to the accident book….we are almost out of plasters thanks to my legendary clumsy streak.

This weekend I met many fish and several frogs. Here is exhibit a
And exhibit b
Same frog, different angle (nice reflections imo)
This guy and his seven friends were hanging out at my gran’s pond. Sunbathing and getting jiggy (frogspawn already being deposited). They were a pretty vocal bunch, and responded to frog imitations from nearby humans. Hehe.
Mumma-moose said the story was that if you kissed one it might turn into a prince….however…we were neither of us game enough to try!!

I got to see the folks in Slovenia on Skype, complete with a serenade of twinkle twinkle 🙂

I often forget that I have Skype, or phone numbers. There are a couple of people that I am a year or more overdue to call…what am I waiting for???

I was privileged to overhear a conversation between SO and Mumma-moose about how I am allegedly obsessive about the horses….and that I’m super selfish due to anorexia…I stopped trying to listen then. I guess they were whispering for a reason; I’d go mental if they said either to me. Me? Obsessive? I’m not the one who hoards 20 boxes of facial tissues in my bedroom :S

Although I’ve spent today doing a big fat nothing, I’m not quite rested (been super sleepy yet restless and gripey) and very keen to plan an away trip in the near future. Now I just need to find someone to accompany me on a weekend adventure to somewhere as SO is work restricted for some time. Any offers or ideas??


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