Too bored and trapped to procrastinate


This house.
It smells.
Of septic waste.

I shit you not.
Pun intendended.

Whispered secrets. Hushed words.
Brash statements.

Do I want a £1 dvd on how to.paint horses in watercolour? Um. Do I need that? I thought watercolours of horses was one of the few things i did adequately…

I do not belong here. I know that my withdrawn demeanour will not be considered anything to do with sadness or depression, but just being a moody bitch. Knowing that doesn’t make me smile any more.

The fact that I am vegetarian seems to be a perfect excuse to make sure that I don’t eat with the rest of them. The only conversations concerning me and my ‘stuff’ have been how my gran is doing, and how close that crashed helicopter was to my mums house.

Ah. Yeah. I am instructed to stop looking moody. Asked what I want to do…I cannot think of any answer other than ‘be somewhere else, anywhere..’ so i said I didn’t know…

As with the last visit I’m told not to flush tampons or sanitary towels down the toilet else I’ll have to go and fish it out of the drain.

I honestly wonder what on earth kind of cretin they actually take me for.

I’m so bored.

I so want some alone time, or to be able to wash, or even to be able to read something without being made to read the news instead because it will be good for me…

Can’t go and read alone or will be branded antisocial. Sat listening to football commentary. I’ve spent so much of the past 24 hours yawning..I just want to sleep so that leaving seemingly comes sooner.


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