Silver trinkets from far away and a commentary on English language teaching

A cute package of silver earrings arrived from hongkong courtesy of etsy.


Would I buy from etsy again? Sure! I was skeptical but it all worked out just fine:-).

I am still fighting the urge to email the seller and correct the English note that came with the parcel….correction wouldn’t change the meaning, and in a way it’s kind of cute when you have to rearrange a sentence to understand what is being said.
What right do I have to make corrections anyway?? As an English adult who went through the normal educational system (and had two teachers (music and technology) as parents) I have somehow, like most of my peers (except those who did a-level or above eng language) come out of the system knowing almost no rules, and relying on the words ‘sounding right’. Fine you say, if the rules are ingrained and you don’t need to think about them…but…I know several people for whom English is their second, third or fourth language. Most of these people know the meaning of things like subjunctive, present participle, pronouns and who knows what else! It makes me feel quite stupid when I’m arguing til the cows come home that the rule cannot be x because that makes the sentence ‘sound’ stupid!

And this from someone who likes to think they have a pretty decent grasp of their own language, and how best to communicate using it!


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