So where’s Neil when you need him?


^picture = cover of Ultimate Sandman Volume 1</span

After fighting for a few hours with the British Library box office website, I finally managed to get some tickets to see Neil Gaiman and Tori Amos talking about their comic book connections (y'know….sandman comics, comic book tattoo, Tori's references to Neil in her songs etc) Of course immediately after Neil's facebook page announced the talk the box office crashed…and many people spent hours just hoping the site would favour them…I gave up around midnight, and tried again this morning at 7:30, but it said it was sold out and wouldn't allow me to put tickets in cart.

Not one to be dissuaded by things like that, I doggedly kept on trying…y'know, just in case…and to my delight, someone clearly failed to check out their basket in time, and their tickets were quickly scooped up into mine. I'd already set up an account last night so I flew through the payment and now am the proud owner of two tickets 🙂 what's even better is that I think it will be held in the auditorium which only seats about 250 people. Can you imagine being so close to both Neil and Tori? and then in the evening seeing the bizarre personality of Amanda Palmer as a cameo? amazing. And surrounded by books the whole time. Ah bliss, and with an old school friend (with whom I have been comparing nerdy notes about the sandman comics etc)

Oh god. It’s finally happened. I’ve gone in all guns blazing about a bank error resulting in a threat of court summons from the council….only to find….

I clicked something wrong on Internet banking.
And just like that my £25 compensation and paid for phonecall disintegrate into the ether.
I just have their word for it of course….but…this ‘event’ happened four months ago and we all know that my strung-out guppy brain can’t remember that far back. Why didn’t I notice sooner? Well I did, but then SO pointed out that you don’t pay council tax for two months of the year…so i figured it was all under control…

Yesterday an unwashed plate (probably mine) on the living room floor caused SO to claim suicidality.

I spent the whole day cleaning.



I just went and drove SO’s car for the first time. It felt a bit weird to be honest and SO was gripping on to the seat grimacing the while way around snapping ‘GEAR! GEAR!’ and ‘SLOW DOWN’ at me :/

We got back in one piece, and I stayed calm, didn’t do anything dangerous and I forced SO to come up with some positives about the experience to counter his criticism of the speed-bump and gear-changing mishaps. Apparently junctions were ok, and I managed to stay calm, I also tackled a mini roundabout in a reasonable manner. Ha! I’ll have to take that and run!

This year is shaping up to contain some great things. Horses every week, Neil, Tori, then Neil again.


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