aww man! am I getting old?

Sometimes Horse riding can be a pain in the ass.

I mean this quite literally.

Despite being a relatively nubile (haha!)  31 year old lady, I have experienced so far two days of what I can only describe as concussive injury due to a 1.5 hour ride! Now I can blame this on the not riding the previous week, or I can blame it on the new saddle / new horse combo. I can blame it on the graceful bounding canter that Buster has (no dribbling into canter for him, oh-no!) but regardless of the cause, the effect is the same. With no pride left, I have simply ordered myself a ‘seatbone saver’ which is effectively a cushion you strap to the saddle to make it less rock-like against your derriere! I’m sure my grandma would be proud 🙂

How incredible elegant! I will update as to the suitability or not of this product.


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