My new friend Buster




I got a new four-legged friend. His name is Buster and he’s a dark bay cob and about 25 years old. My friend has him on long term loan, which means I get to ride him every Sunday :-D.

This beautiful boy was adorable today. The weather was glorious, sun and a nice breeze, just perfect riding weather. He was easy to catch up from the field, calm and chilled out during grooming ( apparently his coat says it’s spring now, and time to flee the body) we showered the ground with graduated hairs, but with no end in sight I gave up. Tacking up, no problem (was advised to use the third ring of his gag) but once he was all dressed, he turned into a big ol’ shufflebum. He was ( I imagine) saying C’mon, let’s go already, I’m totally bored..come on! I gave him a quick lap of the field to get the feel of him but I’ve seriously never experienced a slower trot and figured he was fed up with a lifetime of schooling, took the risk and we headed out. I have to admit that whenever I ride a new horse it’s a combination of excitement and fear..especially when was told the previous day the rider ‘lost her nerve’ on him….but honestly he was impeccably behaved. Lovely active walk, beautiful balanced trot and glorious even and comfy canter. Not only this but he had fully working stop and go buttons in the normal places! Our companion Melly however took my friend for a slightly less controlled ride, as she got so excited when she had a big speedy beast at her side! Now I’m not saying I controlled every step, I mean, I had to adopt a 2-point seat during his slightly scrambled catchup canter, but that’s more to do with my apparent inability to keep my stirrups in place when riding a new horse ( knees think if they draw up away from the ground then I’ll be more stable.) I need to explain centre of gravity to my legs…
Anyway I had great fun and once the first canter nausea passed, I relaxed and realised that this horse was ace and we were going to have a lot of fun together. He’s very nosey if hes stood still…kind of restless in a way that a less confident rider might suspect an impending bolt, but he’s just curious and fidgety! I hopped off on our return to find that I was a very good impromptu head scratching post (cheers mate), and the impatience of being tacked up and not moving continues after the ride too! That’s fair enough. No-one likes to wear their school uniform after school.
So yeah. A lovely new friend 🙂

I took the pics with my finepix bridge camera. I have recently looked up the meaning of the histogram you see, so tried for a balanced but good contrast black and white portrait. The colour one was auto mode :$


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