Gallop free into the infinite, Casper


The news
I am so sad to tell that Casper will be put to sleep this week. He’s been an amazing companion for Mel, educational and affectionate to his humans and I’m so glad we were able to share these months of retirement and joy with him. I know it is the right decision to have been made, he is deteriorating badly and at 30 years old, it would be unfair to put him through tests and transport and scans and treatment when it’s honestly his time to rest after all his hard work on our earth. I’m gonna miss his wise face, gentle mannerisms and ponderous presence.

Saying goodbye.
I cannot (physically or emotionally) be present during the euthanasia, so i went to say my goodbyes this morning. When we arrived he didn’t have his head over the stable door like usual do we all three held our breaths until we saw him swing around into view. He had barely touched his overnight hay.
I told him I’d miss him and thanked him for his company and for being such a lovely boy. I gave him a pear ( that he promptly spat out and pulled a face at ( I was then mugged by Melly as she couldn’t get enough of pears!) Then gave him some of his old fave xstrong mints. I gave him a cuddle, a head rub and watched him canter (albeit awkwardly) into the field. And that’s how I want to remember him. I can go and see him again tonight in theory but in actual fact I would rather not. I would find it very hard if he was zoned out and stumbling again.

Run free my friend, and know that we are letting you go not because we don’t want you around, but because we don’t want you to suffer.


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