Written last week..


I’ve been playing with my phone camera again.

I haven’t posted in a week – I have a very difficult job coming up with seven more things that I like and are good about myself. Darn, I’m gonna have to list the whole lot.cos I just tried to reuse one….sad isn’t it that I can’t easily think of 24 things i like / that are good about myself…oh actually 23, I missed 15 by mistake but will fill in the gap!

1. I continually strive to be a stronger, better person.
2. I can regrout tiles quite neatly
3.I tackled my fear of driving and took my first refresher lesson.
4. I believe in being nice, caring and encouraging towards people and showing others how to do the same.
5. I am a relatively competent horse rider when it comes to hacking.
6. I’m not too proud to admit when I need help
7. I have pretty hazel eyes
8. I have a decent sense of humour (imo)!
9. I am able to forgive people
10. My face is very expressive
11. I am honest
12. I refuse to let depression or mental health issues ruin my life
13. I try not to let ‘what if..’s argue with a decision being made by my heart/gut.
14. I am patient , reassuring and understanding when teaching people (no matter how trying it can be!)
15. I have a vivid imagination.
16. my hair is all silky and red
17. I can sing in tune most of the time
18.I love painting and sketching
19. I can express myself well in written word.
20. I try to educate myself in new things (though current affairs do not rank highly)
21. I can be a good listener/agony aunt
22. Even though I am criticised, blamed and belittled every day, I am still not too depressed.
23. I can come up with scientific hypotheses that my boss cannot immediately shoot down.
24. Regardless of circumstances I rarely give up hope.
25. I am persistent and determined to the point of stubbornness at times (when I believe I am on the right track)
26. I do not naturally think laterally yet I am a scientist
27. I am responsible and cautious when it matters, but don’t let worries about unimportant things overcrowd my thoughts.
28. I am prone to fixation or monomania which means I can be very focused and productive in a small area ( though admittedly during these phases I lose view of the big picture and forget to eat/drink/go home/go to bed etc on normal time)
29. I love to dance even though essentially I just sway and flail limbs 😉
30. I enjoy taking and looking back at photos
31. I can immerse myself in fantasy books and forget totally about the real world.


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