Fluorophores and molecular masses. Real life experiences in the lab.

Above is a picture of a seahorse plate, it had been left on the bench for a couple of weeks. The pretty colours must be from the fluorescent probes. The reason the middle wells are darker is that the outer ones dried first, meaning the inner ones has fluorophores leeching into them for longer. Or they are like that because it looks pretty.

Today I wrote some chemical masses on my glove. I went to write them down in my labbook to find the numbers gone… I had not changed gloves. It was strange but I didn’t think anything more of it until three hours later at home in the bath I realised I’d written on my hand not my glove! Phew! No psychosis here.

Home dramas – I wish my life was more  like this:

cute huh?

Day 22 even though I am criticised, blamed and belittled every day, I am still not too depressed.

Day. 23 I can come up with scientific hypotheses that my boss cannot immediately shoot down


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