In which Casper and I tackle a traffic cone

Another sunny Sunday afternoon. Another country meander with my (slightly de-muddified) equine friends.

Casper was visibly pleased that he was getting a full body massage and having his mud face mask removed! He was also pleased to find his bridle deficient in flash, and this all summed up to mean he wouldn’t be left behind like last weekend! He’s such a dear, honestly. While we waited for my friend to mount Melly, I checked out if I thought Casper was trained to the respond to a one rein stop, now as far as I can tell from YouTube, he responded like a pro :-B then I thought I’d push my like and ask for a turn on the quarters…we did a semicircle (or close enough) then I tried the other direction…but…no dice….but he is always a bit iffy bending or turning right. Anyway hackwards we went. Passing the usual dog  walkers, cyclist etc, squelching inelegantly through the January mud. Casper quite likes to pretend to be exotic animals….we play giraffes when putting on das  bridle, and we play elephants when out riding, following Mel and trying his best to stay behind her..that’s antisocial to say the least so I asked him  to catch up . He begrudging agreed and all was well until we met a traffic cone. Melly, of course,  gave it as wide a berth as possible, and I figured Casper could choose how he wanted to circumvent it. But. To my dismay he just walked over it,  passing it between both front and back legs and only brushing it with his belly, leaving it standing just as it was!  I almost wet myself laughing and Casper clearly didn’t get the joke, I mean, I didn’t ASK him to avoid it so he just carried on. As his rider I showed no fear of the traffic cone and therefore he trusted me!

Such a funny boy 🙂 but we love him.

When we got back, Mel was turned out into the field while Casper had his feet dealt with. But. Melly decided obviously he was getting some treats that she wasn’t and came galloping through into the stable area! She then proceeded to check his breath for mint or carrot, then clung to him, making untacking a challenge, so i took him in his stable (narrowly avoiding a two-horses-and -a-human-in-one-stable party! He was kind of content having his feet cleaned and painted (what with the hay net and second grooming) but he was cross to be put back into the stable and secured into his pjs while his friend was still out running on the grass! He called her, but by then she must have been able to smell the tar and decided she was better off where she was! Post meal (and post human cup of hot beverage time) Casper looked so cute staring over his stable door that I figured I would chance some photos, but alas, the mere sight of a phone near his head made him pull the most awful faces! Standing as if hypnotised by the inside of his stable. Even polos could not enduce cute face for long enough for a snap! So the above photo is from a few weeks ago.


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