I am the contact lens optician’s dream…and other unnecessary information

I got a new phone. It does all kind of weird camera Things! Above is a photo taken from under a duvet…

Proof, as if I needed it, that I’m not unhealthily skinny any more.

I go to take a random labcoat..out of curiosity check the size (written on the pocket) male, middle aged colleague says
“YOU’LL never fit into THAT! you aren’t much smaller than me!

Proof that I don’t care that much…I wore it, it fitted ok but I’d usually go for S just for some extra arm length. This guy never saw me uber skinny and not eating, so he’s always seen me as healthy and normal, which, I suppose, is a win. I whinged to other lab members about his rudeness rather than getting upset.


I have, however gained a couple of pounds (as per dietetic instruction) and feel pretty physically awesome. I also bought a fleece for horse riding which only fitted in XS so up yours rude colleague, just because he looked entirely ridiculous in an XS labcoat!

As you can see I’m not procrastinating, oh no, not one bit. Well, maaaaybe I spent ten mins this morning listening to clips from ren and stimpy….

On a different topic alltogether, I went back to the optician re: contact lenses only to find the regular lady was away and I saw a crazy Russian lady instead. I explained on the phone to the annoying guy there, that I needed to get some more contacts so that the optician can check my vision with them in…so he tells me i need to pay them £35…erm….no…I need contact lenses first, Im not paying for aftercare when I have no product..

anywhoos I’m not sure if that lady believed my tale of this phone conversation, but regardless she examined my eyes – fluorescein and light and all that, then, to my dismay, she turned my lower eyelid inside out! I did the only sane thing anyone could do, which was jump back and ask what the heck she thought she was doing! she rolled here eyes in her mind and proceeded slightly against my will, to turn both eyelids inside out to look at them :(. We discussed my options – so, I want contacts, but I don’t want to have to wash them and re-use due to laziness / fear of contamination, I want my astigmatism corrected – so it has to be daily toric ones. Except, I want to be able to wear them for over 12 hours if necessary . Fine, what about high oxygen permeable Clariti? oh no, I can’t have those because I can’t get them out of my eyes, they get stuck….have I tried swiping downwards? eeeeew, no! that’s gross…yuck, I’m not doing that (I see, of course….) oh did I mention that my eyes are very dry so I can only have very moist lenses or I’ll be scratching my eyes out with rubbing? What about Accuvue moist daily? I don’t like them because they swim around my eyes and I can only wear them for 12 hours. As was iterated several times during this 15 mind appointment, I am indeed the contact lens optician’s dream!! We’ll see what they can come up with for me – like a magical spell that makes me see properly without having to do anything to my eyes, or that requires keeping my glasses on my face rather than on top of my head!

btw. two days later I have developed some kind of blister type cyst effort on the inner lower lid….if she infected my eye I’m not gonna be best pleased. coincidence? or conspiracy?

Day 16 my hair is all silky and red
Day 17 I can sing in tune most of the time
Day 18 I love painting and sketching
Day 19 I can express myself well in written word.


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