Pony control issues :/


How fun was Sunday? Im not sure…I mean, my friend asked me to exercise her pony for her which should have been fine, but madam was in a bit of a frisky mood and doesn’t trust me on the best of days! As my friend couldn’t ride due to headache / lack of balance that meant that Casper, who I usually ride, had to stay on his oan back at the field. Neither of them were happy about this. Melly was calling for him for half a mile! Only stopping when I distracted her with some serpentines! She’s very well schooled and only needs very light aids. We meandered along in the bitter cold trotting here and there and fitting in a bit of rudimentary schooling in a nice flat grassy expanse. On the way back, however, two horses appeared up ahead of us. Much excitement, let me tell you! Now Mel being an alpha mare decided it was unacceptable for her to be behind those horses and she NEEDED to catch up…ok this wasn’t such a problem until they started trotting…we were on a narrow gravel track flanked by ditches and madam rather thought it would be fun to stick her head up so I couldn’t stop her and just canter along the gravel…now thats not a smart move…so I tried my best to pull her up but in response to shake off my contact she shook her head and stepped onto the edge of the ditch…
Oh my.
My biggest fear of hacking is landing up in a ditch with a horse on top of me…thankfully we centred the path again and in desperation I called to the riders ahead asking if they could walk please…they stopped, blockaded the path and I presently hopped off mellys back much preferring the safety of ground underneath me! After my friend caught up we waited for those horses to be swallowed by the hedges then I hopped back on board and road the little tinker home! Im kind of proud I got back on and although a better plan might have been to turn her around and trot the other way, my instinct said ‘you aren’t in control here’ so I took my window of opportunity and Mel was immediately subdued and presently munched on grass! Little terror! I literally got back on the horse, how about that!

So it was kind of fun and educational ish but I got cold and a bit scared! Another plus was that Mel’s saddles slips sideways very easily, what with being, erm, rotund, so I was quite surprised to find myself perfectly balanced after all that excitement! Yay balance! And my friend watching us charge off, wondering why I didn’t just turn her around…I was so embarassed!

Casper was glad to see us come back and I fed them quartered apples which they thought were delicious.

And we all lived to tell the tale!

Day 12. I refuse to let depression or mental health issues ruin my life
Day 13. I try not to let ‘what if..’s argue with a decision being made by my heart/gut.
Day 14. I am patient , reassuring and understanding when teaching people (no matter how trying it can be)

Ps this is getting very hard…


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