Putting depression and religion aside


Ok. Lets put the cough and the depression and everything aside and try to be a bit positive eh?

Yesterday I got to see finding nemo again. Something magical and unshakably uplifting has been woven into that story. It never fails to connect ( unlike my writing)
Xmas day and the sun is shining, I’ve been given some cute gifts including Guillermo del Toros cabinet of curiosities. As a fan of Guillermos films I find this look at his scribbled notebooks and tidbits of scraps of thoughts quite fascinating.

Dinner was nice, talk of septic tanks, improperly laid out cutlery, lack of dining manners, horrific homophobia and SOs father going for a ‘bathroom session’ mid-meal notwithstanding. Went for a sleepy afternoon drive to the coast and surrounding villages as the sun was setting and I figured there were many worse places to be. I could do without the swearing, the constant referral to bowel and bladder movements…oh well. I guess it’s just different. Not my kind of different but next year I or we will go to my mum or dads place.

I’ve spent a large part of the day trying to make a 3d horse puzzle…

Still trying!!



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