Still waiting to bounce back.

Where have I been? You ask.
Swimming in the swamp of viral doom. Thats where. And I’ve only just got myself half pulled out. Oh yes, the fluidic processes are far from over but the battle surely is being won, either that or im about to sprout limbs out of my neck (which would come in handy…).

What is even better though, is that I had to explain to my boss that I took 3 days off due to, what is essentiallys complication of a coldy-fluey virus.

Failing to receive the required level of sympathy from SO (who says it my fault for going horse riding) I did the only thing I could. I whinged to mama that I was ill. She was an acceptable level of sorry for me.

I wish I had more inspirational or insightful or, well, interesting things to say but as a week of my life has been virus-orientated, so must this post.

Im not so much bouncing back from this horrible whinge-worthy week as dragging myself a few feet then napping, dragging, napping, ad infinitum. I’ll get there in the end!


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