Things I miss from years gone by

I so miss having an acne free face and body. It was so nice. And now. It is not.

I also miss having time. Because now I have to choose between sleep, chores and fun, when they all used to fit just fine.

I miss having a pet to call my own. Though I have one leg of a horse.

I miss curiously pointless late night philosophising. Now it seems like everything has already been said and done, plus noone wants to listen anymore.

I miss all sorts of things but right now, yup. It’s mainly the skin thing. Im horrified to find spots in all kinds of new places, making self consciousness prominent and paranoia rife. I miss being able to touch my skin and feeling nothing but smoothness. I miss being able to leave the house without makeup and still looking human. I miss not having to check on the progress of spots and swelling, and I miss not having the temptation to pick at my face ( uh-oh). I miss feeling clean instead of clogged with oil. I miss knowing tomorrow my skin will be as clear as today. I miss these things.he enough to go back to the doctors and say hey, this is no way for a 30-something woman to live.


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