Dizziness. Flashes. Losing my mind.

From 5pm onwards I started to feel a bit strange. Maybe it was the coffee, maybe it was the later than usual night or maybe it was something altogether more sinister. All day on my feet concentrating and I was sure this experiment was heading south with every misplaced pipette tip.

Whirring thoughts and flashes of memories streamed past my mind. A veritable torrent of vivid, unwanted and uninvited sensations leaving me giddy and disoriented.  Aching hot and cold in that suspicious sweaty palmed shivery kind of way, I made my way ponderously home.

Not for me, the hugs or kisses, the interested questions. No smiles or presents were awaiting me there. Just a tepid quiche and a scolding for my tardiness. Just a reminder that this giddiness is my own fault for getting up late.

Oh how cursed we are, we subordinate minions, how we bring such fates as migraine upon ourselves. If only we could learn that rising early will solve the world’s problems, but we are just too stupid to see. So we carry on surviving outside of acceptance, knowing all evil is rooted therein, and knowing that sympathy, kindness and smiles, are only deserved by the pre6am risers. Those grand superior beings with their self control and diligence. How wonderful if must be to be so righteous and so sure.


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