I love the feel of new pyjamas and other borderline existential information

1Ahhh new crisp pyjamas with functioning elastic waist and no bobbles from washing – how i love to feel you against my skin!

I must say that the ‘purple’ turned out to be suspiciously magenta but I will forgive that because, quite frankly – they are so comfy 🙂

Some horses are really messy eaters. Really. Food all over the place, all over their face, oh what a disgrace!

Dont trust boiler engineers. Boiler was being a bit silly. Engineer said there was nothing wrong, now heating doesn’t work and I have to pay £50 and take a day off work. Well at least the engineer didn’t realise that the torch I handed him was the one the engineer left here last year!

Cake is not the enemy.

So….people who can’t smell cyanide, would they be the same people who enjoy the flavour of marzipan?

Went to two supermarkets, failed to get a lightbulb for the ensuite. Darn it! A shower by eerie bedside lamp underlighting? Sure, why not?!

I might start a new game, it’s called criticism bingo…every time im criticised for being (fill in the blank) then I cross off that square. Yesterday would have been a good game, although ‘childish’ and ‘lazy’ were a bit overrepresented, perhaps I need more than one square for each comment.

(I type this having overslept by nearly two hours and yet still finding time to write drivel….oh dear)

Making a poster is much more difficult if there are two of you rather than one, there is no spellchecker and one is highly dyslexic (the other shows tendencies) BUT when I sent it to be printed I was commended by the graphics dept on how nice it looked 🙂 woohooo! yup, I have to say, that poster is pretty darned good.


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