My trusty (ok not so trusty) stead!


He still needs to get some condition on him. His ribs are a bit too visible abd his top line and neck muscles are slowly improving. Mel on the other hand needs to lose some condition!

He is NOT impressed about wearing a flash noseband.
Please bear in mind that Casper is 28-29 years old and although a bit underweight he is well fed and healthy so no need to think he’s a poor malnourished sickly boy though I know if I saw someone else’s horse looking this way, thats what I’d be worried about…

He was really good today 🙂 spent the first 30 mins staring at melly of I made him walk alongside rather than behind. He did some lovely shoulder-in exercises when I was actually asking him to move across ( funny, he never does shoulder in at a canter when I ask him to!) one of us has our signals incorrectly wired! We had two arguments about the direction we were riding in. (both times he wanted to turn for home, surprise surprise!) but I was firm 😉 we had quite a few canters, only the first stretch of the first was a bit hairy buy then he took up the contact again and all was good. He gets so excited bless him, so at the end of a two hour ride I gave him the reins and said off you go, I’ll just sit whatever you feel like doing, and he shook off any remaining cobwebs with a brisk but not silly canter ( I would have let join gallop if he was up for it) and by the end he was tiring, we did a canter-trot-canter-trot transition change and he responded impeccably! I can barely beleive this is the same horse who mere weeks ago, was uncontrollable and scary at a canter (and who tried rearing up on our last ride) such a good boy. I’m proud that we are bonding and learning to work together. It’s a very satisfying feeling 🙂


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