What makes people attractive?

2012-11-23 20.13.47

As I wandered past the opticians I was thinking – what makes people attracted to one another? what qualities to I consider attractive and subconsciously use to assess people? (I’m not just talking partners here I mean friends too)

Why the opticians? well – you see – um – I think the manager of the branch is cute – I don’t know why…he’s not super stunning looking I just always liked him since I first went to that opticians. I could envisage a world where he and I were friends and went out for coffee every now and then or something like that. I rarely get this feeling for acquaintances and for any connection to happen the other person has to feel something similar AND the circumstances have to be appropriate. 

so what do I look for in a companionable human?

honesty, self-confidence, generousity, forgiveness, passion, spontaneity, appreciation, independence, fun /a sense of humour (laughing and smiling), expressiveness, imagination, acceptance

right – so if you are reading this (assuming you are someone I sent this link to and not someone who found it by google search or something) then the above apply to you. Woohoo! you made it through the subconscious selection process 🙂

what makes humans non- companionable for me (come on thesaurus- do your magic)?

deceit, overly self-consciousness, miserliness, holding grudges, indifference, restriction / controlling nature, disregard, dependence / neediness, over-seriousness / grumpiness / never smiling, uncommunicative, tediousness, criticism

yup – those people tend to get swiftly sifted out of my life because I fund their influence very negative and destructive. Well I found that a useful exercise – considering qualities and their antonyms. what about you? what qualities do YOU look for in people?


obviously I had to state that I means human because the first thing I look for in a companion is usually four legs and fur 😛



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