oh and more

I forgot to say – when packing our sainsburys shop into our environmentally friendly reusable bags I found a packet of lovehearts that I had forgotten i got on the last shop 🙂 sweet!

then I got to thinking what if they were HATE hearts or singledom hearts not LOVE hearts – I shall transpose their messages as I munch my way through the packet….

just anyone but you


My voodoo Doll

For never

hard luck – oh wait that one can stay

don’t try me

I surrender to no-one

my all bile

ok that’s enough I’m getting toothache!


A word of advice ladies – when cycling in daylight, you would do well to ensure that you are wearing correctly fitting undergarments – of the strapped variety and not just think ‘oh it’ll be fine….’. It  might not….

So I have managed to get SO some gifts, not sure if they will go down well or not but at least I tried. All of the card shops nearby are terrible. Really bad – I couldn’t bring myself to buy any of them but now I look like I didn’t care cos I haven’t got a card..well maybe the hospital gift shop will come up trumps?

Today I have done some annoying bill and bank related things, gone into town etc and listened to emilianas new album over and over.  You know what I haven’t done? tha muthafuckin washing up! that’s right – I’m revelling in my opportunity to share my flat with dirty dishes rather than clean ones. Lazy? Unhygenic? oh sure – whatchagonna do about it?

blissful calm and grounded sanity. Good Lord! I just re-read and this was appallingly written. my apologies.will try better next time!

AND I can have teriyaki chickpea stirfry with singapore noodles without anyone complaining at me (or stealing half of my chocolate cupcake) – I’m feeling confident that my weight should be up a bit this week and that’s just fine with me (questionable cycling incidences notwithstanding)

Ah you remember that colleague of mine – the unfaithful one? well a mere three weeks after her wedding she is complaining that she is really miserable at the moment. So that’s what she got for marrying the man she ‘was in love with’ i’m sure none of us could see that coming – if you have just married the most central important and amazing person in your life then surely that would obliterate any negativity you might have in any other areas of your life? just sayin…


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