So um sleeping on the sofa huh?
How did this happen?
SO has some forearm pain which is seemingly the end of the world and requires him to take up the entire bed.


I remember when I broke my wrist I was the one to sleep on the sofa so I wouldnt disturb SO.

Had many good and much more worthwhile things to say but this is occupying my immediate thoughts.

Is it a massive overreaction to golfers elbow or is it angina, or a blood clot. I cant think of anything else that could possibly be so painful there without breaking a bone or ripping a muscle.

I daresay it will disappear by Thursday when he’s next scheduled to play golf.

Come on then sofa, lets start this unhappy ans uncomfy union of ours which is surely doomed to end in yawns.

Sorry about the ads…I didn’t pay for an upgrade so adverts have started to appear…


One thought on “Sofa

  1. (yawns)
    Wouldn’t mind if SO thanked me for sleeping on the sofa instead of sounding smug that I didn’t sleep well.
    Of course his arm feels much better today. So that means almost certainly it’s a golfing injury. Or a fake one. Who knows. It’s just lovely that at the first sign of anything he takes to bed and expects me to get him ice/ painkillers/water/heat pad/ whatever. It’s the same if he gets a headache. It’s the end of the world but he’s incapable of opening the medicine drawer to get an ibuprofen.
    Rant over.
    For now.

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