Do something that scares you

Today I have…
.Seen a doctor about something I’ve been putting off (none of your business just know it’s nothing to worry about)
..Submitted some official correspondence on behalf of my boss (str-ess-full)
…Worked on a new manuscript
….picked 16 ecoli colonies and grown them up
…..sorted out my human tumour cells
……troubleshot a machine malfunction
…….convinced the cat to eat
…….agreed to donate 45ml blood for a TB study

I have also
.done something stupid to my shoulder
..been beeped and verbally abused for cycling on a cycle path (?)
…found nail clippings on the bathmat (ewww)
….reflected on my cantering on Casper yesterday even though I had previous difficulty stopping and slowing him, and with a new bit and noseband…after he played silly buggers backing up before we went out.

It looks like I am being brave this week! Choosing to do some things which are scary. I now feel much safer on Casper as a result and won’t be as nervous again 🙂 maybe I can tackle my fear of blood samples? That or I’ll pass out….meh…

Btw Casper was a little angel…super speedy exhilarating canter (cos I didn’t sone the whole time fighting for control) but slowed when I asked and stopped. He didn’t have a sore mouth either (something I was worried about) and seemed comfortable and responsive with a light contact. Yay. Now I can enjoy riding again 🙂 one day I might let him gallop to let off steam, but small steps at a time!