or if that fails


paper got rejected again without going to review.

Stage Start Date
Review Complete; E-Mail Notification Sent 0000-00-00
Pending Final Recommendation 0000-00-00
Under Editorial Board Review 0000-00-00
Quality Control Review Completed 0000-00-00
Quality Control Review Started 0000-00-00
Author Approved Submission 0000-00-00

This is very frustrating.

IDA- so long

I’m sailing on a ship so smooth
Maybe I don’t have much to lose or win
From your wide open eyes again
With a willing heart and mind I will never be
Far behind

We’re just haunted in our skins
By all that could’ve been
You hide it from your face but it still shows

There’s no words for what you are
You stay while death
Is chasing the stars away
From the night sky
You run

And want what you always wanted back

Time won’t ever swallow everything
If you give all your love(love)

I’ll be waiting
I’ll be waiting
I’ll be waiting

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