Disjointed phrases

Oh my.
X5 how I loathe thee.
Thy bringer of 90 min panic attacks and motion sickness.


I have not felt so I’ll for a very long time.
Was it worth it?
Well I surprised my sister on her 18th birthday and delivered her present

Oh im getting ahead of myself.
So tired.

Well the answer is yes but it wasn’t just the impending doom for an hour and a half, there was waking up at 6am and cycling in the pouring rain to collect aforementioned giftage from post office depot.

30min walk in heels with suitcase to bus stop

Unknown foodiness turning out to be tomato sauce based yet knowing I had to just eat it and smile

Not having enough to eat for lunch then getting dizzy predinner


Happy sister

And I got to eat a cupcake with purple glitter on so




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