dissecting the difference between hunger and thirst

Ever heard that people sometimes lose the ability to distinguish between hunger and thirst? I woke up at 3 AM hot and sweaty and figured I felt thirsty – had some water but still could not sleep because actually the problem was the lack of pancakes in my stomach!

But this got me to thinking – what is the difference between the meaning of hunger and that of thirst? In the most literal meaning hunger is the desire for nutrients and thirst is the desire for liquid (or more specifically water)

But what about the other uses?



cant think of any others. hmm and i thought i was so clever coming up with those two. huh.


Last night was just so awful and stuffy – hot and sticky and gross. This heat wave has been here for far too long!!! Last night I had so much to say but no time to say it and so nothing came out and it has dissolved and instead this drivel comes out now! One thing which I had not considered about being a healthy weight was the lack of heat tolerance which goes with it – I cycled 2/3 the way home on 31C heat last night then had to dismount due to immense incapacitating dizziness. Ok so it was hot and ok maybe I was a bit dehydrated, and yeah sure it was 8:30 pm and I hadn’t yet had dinner and sure, I was tired and I guess the hormonal stupidity that seems to be intent on making me anemic is still waging war against my general feeling of wellbeing but still – it was very unpleasant to have to stop cycling and walk 2 miles with my bike to get home 😦 excuses or non, I felt rough even after half a litre of lucazade sport.

Sadly my homecoming reception was less than reassuring. stupid anxiety after stupid dizziness making more dizzy making more anxious spiraling into panic-esque status and no-one willing to help me calm down or even acknowledge my feeling of impending doom and fear of wavering on the verge of consciousness 😦

but anyway – no idea if yesterday i needed water, sugar, sleep, hugs, iron, oxygen, B12, ice or anything else- but i reckon that if someone had come and rescued me given me a hug and a sugary drink and talked to me then i would have felt better much sooner – but as it was I found that I COULD cope alone and get myself home without needing another person pandering to my over-the-top reactions. Funny how sometimes we get the signals all mixed up and cannot work out what our bodies need.

Now i have a minor (entirely unrelated) dilemma – wedding reception outfit choice – been told wear whatever i feel comfortable in- some people will be super dolled up and others in jeans – so what’s a girl to do? I’ve got 2 dresses which are formal and not black (one cocktail, one evening) and two below the knee smart dresses all of which would probably be ok but evening dress has beaded straps and is quite flamboyant 🙂 cocktail dress is zebra print and two smart dresses are potentially a bit office-y. so; over-dressed or over-smart or something else entirely? temperature will play a factor but I worry that as I only just fit into the formal dresses, what if I never get another chance to wear the full length one before I erm outgrow it?


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