Sleepy self

Note to self : need to buy new pencils.  Combination of only HB and 4B makes drawing a extra challenge!

I think my friend liked the pic, dont know if she realised I spent over an hour making that ’50’ for the card ( I hope it stays all together)

I was told this evening that tge reason why I hate beer and grapefruit could be because I am a supertaster…I’ve never heard this term before so I looked it up. Apparently there is quite a lot of variation between the number of taste buds and flavour perception between people and they can be classified as nontaster, taster or supertaster. Fascinating! I’m not saying I’m in any way ‘super’ but I seem very sensitive to certain tastes…I told SO about this and he replied with his usual cynicism that I just like bland food and am picky and should stop going on about it. Somehow he thought I was making it a competition like hey guess what I’ve got more taste buds than you…its just that I find it interesting that maybe I’m NOT just being awkward, maybe the reason why grapefruit makes me gag and I dislike salty fatty and highly spiced food isn’t just because I’m picky it could be because the taste is more intense.

So sad that what could have been a decent intelligent conversation was turned into a critique of my eating habits.

And that online grocery shopping I was so proud of ( and got SO some extra treats) was judged a waste of money etc.

You know yesterday I got to thinking, maybe there is only a finite amount of space allocated in my brain for shoes. The situation is this; I found a pair of dusty shoes which I had forgotten I owned, cleaned them up and wore them…at which point I wondered why I didn’t get some similar yo those I saw in a shop that day. It took literally hours for me to remember that I DID have some like that…they were bought to replace these ones! Now im wondering which pair of shoes has now been shoved out of my memory catalogue to make way¡!

One more thing. About presents. I think it’s better to get someone something perfect or very thoughtful even if it turns up a few days late, rather than giving something pointless and rushed on the actual day…not everyone agrees, I wonder if I’m alone in thinking like this?


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