minor crafty project

Right now I am in love with the song ‘accidents’ by Ida. The harmonies and sweet naivity of the vocals layered over undulating guitar fingerpicking is just so – beautiful. I’ve finally moved on from my phase of listening to Live’s album ‘throwing copper’ over and over.

A friend told me thursday that it was her birthday on fri..grrrr…why must people sneek around pretending they don’t have birthdays then throw a bbq and not tell people that is for their birthday! (what? I could have checked her bday on facebook? yeah but you have to suspect its coming up…) anyway I’ve been wracking my brains (ha- wrote brians – if I had brians I wrack them too, maybe brians are better gift finders than mooses) for a gift and have failed despite my early morning rise and journey into town on what is likely to be the hottest day of the year thus far.

I managed only to get a lacklustre card and frustration. So –  I thought – I know!  will craftify the card….sooo, I have been arty-crafting (please read: making lots of mess with a noble goal but ultimately – still mess) I saw a card I liked in the shop but decided I wasn’t paying £6 for something I could make myself….well let me tell you – if you enter into such a misadventure as this, I suggest you check your current supplies because it really took far too long to work out that, no, I didn’t have any superglue, and well, it turned out ok in the end thanks to some stickyback felt (supposed to be for feet of furniture – meh), a sample of curtain fabric, some thread, some wire and a few old beads.


As you can see the cat pic was there already 😉

So now I may try to do a little sketch of her pony – I need some low impact activity to while away my home alone time – then off to the aforementioned BBQ (largely attended  by friend’s colleagues – who I also kind of know) sans SO, trying to figure out whether I am safe to drink wine and walk back home alone or not – if so I shall have to stop in at the local shop and get some plonk which I don’t mind sharing / only drinking one glass.

Right now is strawberries, meringue and oat cream time 🙂


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