What revolting weather for late May!!!

Good grief! if you told me we’d been time warped back to march I’d believe you. cold, wet and windy.


I saw the queen yesterday. I saw her getting off a bus. Yup, really – here is proof –

DSC_1428-1For clarification, she is the one in the coral suit and hat. She was on a visit to Cambridge to open a new part of Addenbrookes hospital and also the new LMB building. Ok maybe not the most exciting thing ever, and maybe we had to wait far too long in the cold but now at least I can say I have seen her in real life!

My friend has bought herself one Monty 😀 Huzzah!!! the ponies will not be split up after all!!! we will move them to a new field in a month or two and start afresh with routines and obedience (they have started playing silly buggers when their tack is being put on…)

Im procrastinating yet again. My job interview is on Thursday yet have I prepared? no…have I spent time and effort fretting but doing nothing to help myself? you betcha!!

ah now i’ve privately wordpressed some interview questions out of myself and feel a bit better prepared.

right – time to unplug from the internet, read a book / draw something / make something / sleep  / call someone. I refuse to let the internet swallow my whole free day!

‘And I need a stranger to tell me I’m beautiful
I wanna hold onto nothing and ride
Like the cinnamon girl
Like a butterfly
Just hold onto nothing
And ride’

I want to fall asleep inside this song and sleep forever…


One thought on “What revolting weather for late May!!!

  1. Bad weather here too, but it’s hot and humid and raining instead of being cold, at least that I guess. I’ve been trying to stay away from the internet, too.

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