Smelly cat

First off, I was woken up at 3:30 am by SO telling me that the cat had done a massive stinky shit in the litter tray and that the whole flat stank of shit.
So. He didn’t tell me to clean it up pronto but the threat of a poopy stinking flat didn’t delight me. So. I got up, scooped the steamer up and flushed that baby away. SO couldn’t do it because “he would throw up” hmmm really?
So I’m sleepy and could really have used an extra hour in bed 😦

oh god. OH MY GOD! how the hell does one small animal cause enough stink to leave two adults almost wretching? I had just accused SO of doing a loud fart and he maintained it wasnt him when the cat came darting back into the living room away from the litter tray followed by an unprecedented and unacceptable stench. SO almost threw up and I had to deal with the offending, offensive erm, poop. I thought this was a nice kitty, good greif this place is definitely not big enough to keep a cat long term. For a start you’d need an extra wing to hide in until the smell subsides, or at the very least, the ability to let kitty outside. Eeegads…

Ok that was less poetic and more feces-oriented than I planned

I was laughing so hard I cried

That would be because I’m immature and SOs reactions are so over the top!

That’s it, no more kitty treats and back to the ‘indoor cat’ food. And definitely no meaty Pringles.


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