something broken…the story of how I was unexpectedly ejected from the saddle

hello little wordpress world! I have such a story to tell you.

so this is the thing: last weekend this little darling –

2012-06-23 20.31.20

decided he didn’t want to go out for a ride with my friend, so he spooked at a little ‘ting’ noise when his bride was being put on and bolted around the garden, trashing his bridle.

My friend went and bought the necessary bridle pieces, fashioned a new bridle  and then set to tacking him up again, no sooner were the  rein over his neck than he shot off again and the ride was written off as too dangerous.

So this weekend I went over, gave him a good groom, went to put on his bridle and – vrooom, off he went to eat some grass – bridle trailing behind him. of course I’m not having that, so my friend and I between us wrangled him into his bridle, only to find it needed adjusting (ohhhh how he enjoyed that) then I kitted myself up with my safety gear and jumped on board. While my friend got on her pony, Monty was really restless, pawing the ground and such (obviously I  told him off for that) . We decided to take them to the end of the road to assess safety so off we  went trotting to burn off some of their fizziness..the end of the road came and went and all of us felt safe and calm so we carried on. We had the most lively and lovely of rides and when we went for a canter for the first time ever Monty and I won the race!!! we continued on with everyone happy until we got to the final muddy bridlepath about a mile from home, picking our feet carefully through the squelchy patches and winding down when something scared the bejesus out of him and he bolted. I was totally not expecting this so had long reigns just taking in the scenery when his adrenalin surged, thrmpthrmpthrmp (reins shortened and pulled, tried to turn,but his legs were floundering – oh shit, tree and pony in front – feck, feck – SPLAT!, straight in the mud. Smug looking pony eating grass – me on the floor with a broken wrist, a sore head and a very soggy bum.

The trip to A & E I think I was a bit in shock – i made it out to be like a joke for a few hours after the incident – i got a cast and a sling (after 5 xrays) and now I am so annoyed with myself. Im annoyed that I did the one thing you shouldn’t (break fall with hand), Im annoyed that I didnt keep my seat and I’m annoyed that I didn’t deem Monty too dangerous to take out 😦

I know it can happen to any rider on any horse but it kind of makes me feel like a beginner again – like I should have known I should have handled it better, but I did what I did – I took a risk and this time I lost the gamble (and my left hand for a couple of months :(. at least it was my left!!

SO thinks Im mental that my biggest annoyance is that I cannot ride for weeks! He thinks  should never ride again…I think if you love something you keep on doing it, but I will be a little bit less bolshy from now on!!2013-03-16 18.17.52


2 thoughts on “something broken…the story of how I was unexpectedly ejected from the saddle

  1. Sorry to hear! Thank you for sharing!
    Chris Mobley

  2. thanks for the comment – Im now all healed up 🙂

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