Why I might not thank you for thanking me


I am an abrupt person. I often seem to offend people with my brusque manner, but I cannot help the way I am.

If I do something kind for you, it is nice for you to thank me. You are welcome.

If I do something considerate for someone else and you thank me, then, well. I am offended. Why? Well what right do you have to thank me for doing something which has nothing to do with you? Why should you get the satisfaction of feeling obliged and considered when my intentions were not for your gratitude, but rather for the happiness of someone else. Why should you feel that I have done you a personal favour rather than following my own moral or emotional compass? Am I such a child that I must be told how to act or what to do and then be thanked for my good behaviour?
Certainly if I take pains to do something for someone else because you cannot be bothered to do so yourself, I don’t want thanks, acknowledgment yes. You dont have the right to thank me for doing the right thing, you dont get to feel responsible for my good deeds.

So do me a favour and only thank me when its you I have done something for otherwise I’m likely to explode.

Thank you 😛


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