All sorts of unreadable things

I don’t get it. In another life my gran and I should have been sisters. How did another type of creature altogether bridge the generations between us? I’ll never know. I was sad to leave her this morning but I have commitments back at home, and I cant undo the pain, only listen. Nor can I mend other broken people who don’t want to be helped. There is more but this is not the place. I wonder what anger turns into when it overflows? Or it is left to fester with noone trying to hold back the tides? I suppose it ferments into resentment. We shall see if the dam can hold it until the floods are over. Perhaps I need a higher dam, but it keeps the love and acceptance penned up on the other side, and shouldn’t that flow freely and wash the rest if the landscape clean?Experience comes at a cost, and you are rarely in a position to bargain.