Various meaningless words, spaces and punctuation marks

Today has involved typing with gloves on, unintentionally attempting to extract subcutaneous tissue from my finger cut ( I thought it was just dry blood), various endeavours with windows 98 and archaic peices of the computational kind, wishing is was summer, breaking my bike light attachment midjourney and attempting to fix it with a hairband (failed), having too much coffee but someone else bought it so I felt i had to finish it, in depth discussions about game of thrones books with colleague in front of others who are miles behind and just wishing my stomach would not feel full for a little while!
Incidentally for any of the dairy intolerant persuasion, Yorkshire puddings contain milk. Last night’s delicious dining experience was somewhat spoilt by this morning’s reaction.
looks like we have ourselves another collaboration. Looks like we may have ourselves a deal. Looks like we might all get out of this crazy tour in the correct number of pieces.
Cryptic? Well ok.
I miss my dog.
I miss my hair going past my waist.
I miss feeling like I was invincible.
I miss being alone.
I miss thinking anything was possible.
I still believe in faeries. Does that make me a bad scientist?
Caffeine has a half life of about 6 hours. 6 HOURS. Greif! I never knew.


One thought on “Various meaningless words, spaces and punctuation marks

  1. That half life’s a bitch! Type it out of your system, it’s the best way.

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